The Magic Maple Tree

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The Story

On a Monday morning like any other, one young boy and his twin sisters discover a magical surprise right outside their back door. Growing from their beautiful maple tree are vibrantly colored, sugar-coated, delicious donuts aplenty!

Turn each page and count along with the characters as they tally their tasty treats day after day. As the donut count rises beyond belief, discover the adventure that ensues for these clever kiddos.

Step into this seemingly ordinary backyard and see how one Magical Maple Tree becomes the catalyst for an extraordinary childhood adventure!

1 review for The Magic Maple Tree

  1. Lisa Caprelli
    5 out of 5


    Great for young readers about to segue into creative writing, probably around ages 4-7. The premise is fun to think about and imagine what other possibilities could happen. The story also touches on learning elements, such as basic counting, days of the week, how many donuts in a dozen, and more.

    This book will probably give rise to multiple conversations between parent and child. And it will likely become a repeated favorite read. We bought this book at an author reading event this summer. It is a sweet, innocent, and fun book by an independent author/mother/teacher.

    • Adriene Madden


      Thank you Lisa for buying our book,I’m so glad you enjoyed it! We wanted the book to be fun and educational for our younger audience, while still capturing the imaginations of older kids dreaming up what will grow next?? It’s always so fun to see what the kids’ responses are to the ‘creative writing prompt’ at our school author visits. Happy Reading!

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