About The Magic Maple Tree

The Magic Maple Tree is a children’s picture book . Written in verse, and with large green text this story makes for a great read-aloud. Teachers and parents love the many learning opportunities that this book offers. Learning the days of the week, counting/adding, the seasons, and rhyme scheme, to name a few. Author Adriene Madden has created a fun educational school presentation, for both pre-schools as well as Elementary schools, that tie in with K-5th writing curriculum.” We share the creative writing process through our interactive storyboards, and its a fun day of learning!”  For more information on school visits see our blog section.



Adriene and her kids are avid readers and love to write and create new stories and characters. One morning they were sitting under their tree in their backyard discussing what vegetables the kids wanted to grow, when one of Adriene’s daughters said “I want to grow a donut tree.” They grabbed a pen and paper and started writing , and so the story was born. “The best ideas always come from my kids, they have great imaginations! My kids were part of the entire creative process, this was definitely a family collaboration!”

About the Author


Adriene Madden lives in sunny California with her husband, four children, three chickens, one rooster and a locally famous pig named “Petunia Porkchops”. Adriene spends her days with her children where they write stories, draw, explore, and create together! She also, teaches a multi-sensory writing curriculum for children Pre-K -5th grade in her “little red schoolhouse”. Adriene and her kids also enjoy growing Organic vegetables and baking. “I’m trying to create a wholesome authentic environment for my children, driven by their imaginations rather than battery powered toys! I want to offer them rich learning opportunities, and some of the same experiences that I had as a child on my Grandma’s small farm.” As a little child my parents were studying to be teachers. We moved to London, England so my father could attend and teach at the University of London. After traveling all over Europe and Canada, we moved back to the United States, and I grew up in California. Even though I have traveled to many places all over the world, my favorite destination is to my imagination!

Fun Facts About Adriene

  • My Favorite color is glitter
  • I love to read and write stories with my kids
  • My favorite sweet treat is donuts (OF Course) (I think donuts need to be their own food group)
  • I love the beach, hamburgers, music, cooking, farm animals and Russian nesting dolls.
  • Some People that Inspire Me are… Maya Angelou, Lucille Ball, Shell Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, Patricia Polacco, and Mother Teresa
  • I have a collection of Barbies, aprons and stilettos (I never wear)
  • I am completely obsessed with my children and my pet pig.

The Message


I love the message that it sends the kids! Even though you are little, your thoughts, ideas, drawings, and stories are important, and they matter!- Adriene Madden

A Book That Can Make a Difference!

As parents we want to raise kids that care about helping others. “I love seeing kids helping other kids.” My kids are participating in a ‘Read to Feed’ program, and the money they raise goes to helping end childhood hunger. In that vein we wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book to charities that help children and help end childhood hunger. Thank you for buying this book and making a difference !