Author Visit at Eastbluff Elementary

An inspired Eastbluff writer, Colin Sullivan, wrote a creative short story based on The Magic Maple tree… Read it below…

The Magical Living Tree
By Colin Sullivan

Chapter 1
Once there was a little boy who thought actual living, moving, breathing trees could be alive. He got teased the second he said it could possibly be true. Up, up, up a Sky God could hear them so he made the Earth God make a tree. So Julian, (that was his name) came home from school one day and saw a gold tree and said “OMG A MAGIC TREE”. A MILLION DOLLARS grew on the tree and everybody saw the tree and they started being greedy. Julian was a smart boy and said I would, if you believed me. Julian lived happily ever after.

Chapter 2 – the Big Bad Bully
One day Julian was playing with his magical living tree and a new bully in town walked right up to him and said” ha ha ha aaaahhhhhhhhhh”. He was afraid of the tree because it was moving. The tree had turned into a monster. But when Julian saw he didn’t see anything but a gold tree. Are you playing trick on me he said. The bully said nothing and ran away he was never seen again not even through
his moms eyes.

Chapter 3 – The Army Attack
It was a beautiful day and Julian saw a airplane shoot another airplane then the magic tree made a force field to save it, and shot the airplane that shot the other airplane and a million other air- WHAT, IT IS A LOT OF FIGHTER JETS. Julian knew what to do, he made the magic tree paralyze the jets. The jets fell to the ground.

Chapter 4 – The Missing Magic Branch
It was a beautiful day and Julian was playing inside when he heard a SNAP! He rushed outside one of the branches were gone! Julian looked everywere but couldn’t find the branch then the branch appeared he chased it then finally he got it.

Comments (4)

  • Mrs. Hilde (Kinder Teacher at Eastbluff)

    Our class thoroughly enjoyed The Magic Maple Tree author visit. Ms. Madden went above and beyond to share how the story was created and how it could be used to reference other curricular areas such as math, time, seasons, reading and writing. The children were engaged n thoughtful questions about the story! What a fantastic opportunity for our budding Kindergarten readers and writers!

  • Lindsay Moore (1st Grade Teacher at Eastbluff)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to come! My students loved all the pictures and steps it took to publish a book!

  • Campbell (Kinder Teacher at Eastbluff)

    Great information! Love the book! Thanks! 🙂

  • Mrs. Allen

    The presentation was well-thought out and insightful! Students obtained a first hand look at the writing process and were inspired to explore thier own creativity.