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  • Patti Mehring

    Thank you so much for coming to our school and presenting the process you went through to create your book. I loved the way you organized it and fit it to every grade level. The personal connection with your family made it really special. The story itself is original and open-ended which leaves endless possibilities for discussion, writing, extension activities, like art, etc… Your website is fantastic. Thanks again for coming and I look forward to the donut math activity!

  • Dr. Pamela A Herkner, Ed. D

    Dear Adriene,

    Thanks again for the author visit! You were awesome and your book is incredible. I feel so fortunate that the students of Juan Cabrillo were able to hear the story and how it came to be! Thanks for being willing to share your expertise with the students of Malibu! Please know that the kids loved the book and were talking about it all week. November and December are our kindness and gratitude bucket/filling character key focus months, and your book tied in perfectly with your give back to feeding hungry children!

    You are truly and amazing lady and beautiful author! Best wishes