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  • Mrs Bremer (2nd Grade Teacher)

    I really liked how you incorporated the academic language that students are currently leaning in Readers and Writers Workshop.

  • Jamie Gust (kindergarten Teacher)

    We love the story. Thank you for being so patient with our spirited little Kinders 🙂

  • Amy Keefe (2nd Grade Teacher)

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful book with us! It was great for the students to see the process behind writing a book, and I was inspired to write the children’s book I’ve been thinking about writing for several years! Thank you. Also, my are excited to write about what might appear on their own magic maple tree! Great writing Prompt!

  • Sharp (4th Grade Teacher)

    Enjoyed the assembly! Students seemed interested and engaged. I like how you showed the writing process and end result.

  • Ms. Robinson (4th Grade Teacher)

    Great presentation. Love your Book!
    Really thought the writer’s workshop was helpful, and showing them the process. Thanks for coming.
    -Ms. Robinson

  • Mrs. Smaker (1st grade Teacher)

    Fun story! Lot’s of learning/teaching possibilities.

  • Ashley Graham (2nd Grade Teacher)

    I loved the academic language you used with the students. Very cute story!

  • Carrie Murillo (4th Grade Teacher)

    Thank you for the wonderful presentation. Great connections to our Writer’s Workshop.
    *I helped you out with projecting the book. 🙂

  • Mindy Smith (Nelson Elementary Principal)

    Thank you for the time and effort you devote to bringing the writing process to students. It’s crucial work that augments the curriculum so well. You are a gifted presenter and author, and we certainly appreciate you expertise. You exceeded our expectations and connected well with our students!